User Manual is a new AI driven communication and task reminder service. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to use so that you can copy or email directly our agent and let it do its work. Here are some tips to make the most of

1) Registering

To get started, just email and it will email you back and ask you to confirm that you've read the Terms of Use. All you need to do is reply back with "I agree" or "I disagree". If you've agreed, then you'll get a Welcome email and you can start using the service!

You may also want to visit and manage your agent's behavior preferences.

2) Remind others

In a new email, just CC to create a reminder for questions or requests you have for colleagues or friends. You can write requests in the subject line or body of the email. You can also get the agent to remind you only by simply BCC'ing the agent instead! Other options for reminders can be set in your preferences at

For example: "Hi Gary, can you send me the latest finance report by next Tuesday?"

Or: "Hi Susan, do you think we should run a marathon next month? Please let me know by tomorrow morning so I can book our entries." email reminder to others

To keep things simple, Reminders will be sent at 9 am on the day you requested if that day is tomorrow or later. Otherwise they will be sent at the exact time requested. Remember that this will be 9 am with respect to your timezone selection in your profile settings.

Also, if more than one date and time is mentionned, like in the email to Susan above ("month" and "tomorrow morning"), then the soonest date ("tomorrow morning") will be used to determine when the reminder should be sent.

Tip: You can set your daytime and workday preferences for how reminders behave by logging in at

Tip: When a correspondent replies to you, CC's the agent, and proposes a new due date for a task you requested, the agent will wait for your confirmation email to update the reminder due date. You'll need to keep the agent CC'ed in the correspondence for this to work.

3) Remind yourself

You can set reminders for youself for a specific time in the future.

Send an email directly to and, in the subject line or body, say something like "Please remind me to call Sandy at 6 pm ..." or "Send a reminder for tomorrow @ 2 pm ..." or "Let me know on Monday at 8 to ...".

The agent will email you back at the exact time your mention.

Alternatively, when you email someone else but BCC, no reminder will be sent to them, but only to you. This is very convenient if you don't want them to know you're using the agent but still want to be reminded ahead of the deadline! email reminder to others

Tip: you can also forward emails you receive to to create a reminder, but don't forget to mention when you would like to be reminded in the body of the email!

4) Reminder updates and cancelling

If you send an email directly to asking for an 'update' or 'status update' in the subject or body of the email, it will respond right away with an update of all the pending and recently sent reminders you've created or will receive from others. email reminder to others

People who received reminders from you can also request an 'update' to even if they are not registered users! This is usefull if they need to track many task requests that are due. They'll need to register to create their own reminders though.

You can also cancel pending reminders, simply click on the 'Cancel' link next to reminders in your email update status report.

Tip: If you use a text only email client then you'll see the reminder cancel codes. Reply to with the correct cancel code to cancel those reminders. For example: "Cancel reminder RX4R6GT4 and R8P5J23T"

5) Calendar invites - Premium only

When you CC the agent or create a self-reminder, you can simply mention 'calendar' in the email and the agent will automatically and immediately send an email with a calendar attachment to you and your correspondents. This attachment will be an .ics calendar file that works with all your favorite calendar applications!

For example: "Hi Andrew, let's have a chat on Monday at 2pm. I'm CC'ing my automated email assistant who will send us a calendar invitation as well."

6) Response handling - Premium only

When you send a request to someone and CC the agent, they may not be able to get back to you at the time you initially requested. With this feature, your recipient can respond to you (and CC the agent) and propose a new time. If you then reply back agreeing to this new time (still CC'ing the agent), then the agent will update the reminder to the new time.

More features are in the works but we want to make sure these work really well first! So please let us know what you think and if there are issues by visiting

Have fun!

The team

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